Introduce VAM

The Vietnamese Association of Midwives (VAM) was founded in October, 1995 with the help of Ms. CHIEKO NOHNO, the former Minister of Justice of Japan. It was recognized by the Vietnamese Government on December 9th, 1995 under the Decision of the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. So far, VAM has more than 4,000 members from all parts of Vietnam.

Right after its foundation, VAM officially became a member of the Vietnamese Medical Association. With the support of the UNICEF Vietnam in 1998 VAM made its accession to the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and became one of its key members.

Since its establishment, VAM has been funded by the UN organizations like UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO and Japanese Embassy in Vietnam to implement many important projects to improve the reproductive health (RH) of the community, especially that of poor people living in the isolated areas. Besides, VAM is focusing on the retraining for members working in the remote areas to update their knowledge and skill . Funded by Pathfinder International and UNICEF Vietnam VAM implemented successfully many training and retraining courses on Safe Motherhood for the members working in the remote health facilities.

As a newly established Vietnamese NGO, VAM has proven to the Government and other organizations that it can contribute effectively to the Reproductive Health Care Strategy of the Government and it has improved various factors of Reproductive Health of women, and adolescents, especially those who live in the remote areas with little access to the necessary health services.

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