THE ICM Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2012


“For the Health of Women and Children”


   Let’s take action



 July 25th, 2012


 Venue: Sen Ho Tay Restaurant (Lotus West Lake)



 $50 USD per person




 At 18:00, guests will meet at the Melia Hotel Lobby and board buses to transfer to the restaurant.  Along the way, guests will pass such historic areas as Dien Bien Phu Street and Ba Dinh Square, where the Mausoleum of President Ho Chi Minh is located.  Guides will also introduce guests to the following historical landmarks:

·        One Pillar Pagoda

·        Ho Chi Minh Museum

·        The Presidential Palace

·        Ho Chi Minh House on Stilts

·        Tran Quoc Pagoda/National Defense Pagoda -- the oldest pagoda in the capital

·        Quan Thanh Pagoda -- dedicated to God Huyen Thien Tran Vo, protector of the capital

Nearing the restaurant, the bus will pass along the famous Thanh Nien Street, which lies between Hanoi’s Great West Lake and Truc Back Lake.  By the time guests reach Sen Ho Tay Restaurant, they will be well acquainted with Hanoi and some of Vietnam’s most valued historical treasures.


Upon arriving at the restaurant, guests will have a unique chance to explore the fantastic cuisine of Vietnam.  The restaurant is designed to be the biggest buffet restaurant nationwide and has more than 300 kinds of foods at every meal.  Eating at Sen Ho Tay is an amazing experience where visitors can enjoy the most delicate and delicious local and international foods.

  While enjoying the food, guests will be captivated by a variety of Vietnamese traditional music performances such as Quan Ho, or folksong music, which has been officially recognized as an Intangible World Cultural Heritage. In addition, visitors will get to know more about the richness of Vietnamese musical instruments such as the Dan Bau, the Monocord (a unique instrument in the world), the Bamboo flutes, the T’rung, the Krongput, etc.  It will truly be an unforgettable night!


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